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MOBBAC (Missouri Black Behavior Analysis Community) is a networking group in the state of Missouri, for Black professionals and students within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

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Unite, support and empower Black Applied Behavior Analysis professionals and students in the state of Missouri, and create a shared community that benefits all.

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A supportive, networking group of Black Applied Behavior Analysis professionals and students in the state of Missouri, that fosters an environment that promotes the dissemination of the science, as well as the growth and prosperity of all individuals being served. 


  • Community 

  • Connections 

  • Collaboration 

  • Empower

  • Efficient processes

  • Quality Supervision & Mentorship 

  • Accessibility to resources

  • Sustainability

  • Disseminate

  • Safe space

  • Validation

  • Growth

  • Ethical

  • Equity 

The Relevance Today

According to the data, 4.21% of behavior analysts are Black. Representation and individualized support systems matter. Supported clinicians yield better performance outcomes.

Image by Steve Sharp
Image by Steve Sharp

Our Story

In March 2022, we started as an interest group with a handful of behavior analysts. We then grew and became a community as organic relationships blossomed and shared values were identified.  

Founding Members

jefferson city image.png
jefferson city image.png

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior are applied to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for the improvement in behavior. (Cooper, Heron, & Heward)


MOBBAC LOGO_edited.jpg


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P bluff.png

Ways to Support

Diversity matters and is essential for building a more inclusive, innovative, and equitable society. Spread the word about MOBBAC. Ideal for:

  • ABA Students

  • Entry Level-Senior Level professionals (behavior technicians, behavior analysts, doctoral, clinicians, professors, academic staff, mentors, etc.) 

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KC Pic.png

Ways to Network

Discover a community with like-minded ABA professionals and students.

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  • Linkedin
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