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MOBBAC Proudly Introduces TAP- The ABA Pathfinders

MOBBAC is thrilled to introduce you to TAP, a dynamic group dedicated to advocating for the expansion of inclusive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs across university campuses, including a special focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Our team is committed to fostering an environment that champions diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in ABA education.


Bridging Opportunities


TAP’s overarching vision is to see ABA programs flourish in various university and school settings, including community colleges and high schools.  Our mission extends beyond specific institutions, as we recognize the importance of promoting the science of behavior analysis for students and practitioners across the board.

It is worth noting that there is room for growth in the availability of ABA programs at HBCUs. Currently, there is a stagnant number of HBCUs offering ABA programs. Our aim is to highlight the opportunity for expansion and increased access to education and training in behavior analysis.


Our efforts are rooted in the belief that enhancing ABA program availability at HBCUs can bring about numerous benefits, including greater cultural competence, improved access to quality ABA services within underserved communities, and a more inclusive representation within the field.


MOBBAC warmly invites you to join us in supporting our cause. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and impactful landscape for behavior analysis education and practice. Stay connected with MOBBAC for The ABA Pathfinders for updates, stories of progress, and ways you can contribute to our mission. 

Our Team

Kelly Baird

Jeron Trotman

Brandon May

Jessica C. Jones

Maggie Pavone

Kirk Kirby

Brett Blevins

Arthur Hairston

Natalie Parks

Charda'e Rigdon

The ABA Guru

Sapphire Robinson

Wes J. Lowery

Tamesha Bland

Bryant Antoine

Syn McDonald

Melantha Witherspoon

Wendy Wright-Bell

Mike Williams

Angela M. Gray

Michelle Bohnak


Jared Van


Andre Anderson

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ShiQuita Lane

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